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Hmm. Maybe. But considering they just formed this team and kept harping on about how these heroes are different because they will always be held accountable, etc, etc, to disband them so immediately reflects badly on them anyway because they are switching positions so quickly that they'll get whiplash.

Maybe it is just to cut their losses though.

Out of curiosity, when this security chairwoman person threatens to "sue you into oblivion" is she directing it towards Booster or the JLI? As far as I'm aware the UN Security Council and the UN in general cannot "sue" Booster because it is not an individual nor is it a true government. And what sort of court could such a case be brought to? I know the Hague is used for crimes against humanity but still.

And if she's addressing the whole team, how do you "sue" citizens of half a dozen different countries?

I should probably stop trying to make sense of this nonsense. XD
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I base this on absolutely nothing but maybe the chairwoman is bluffing? She has no way of actually suing either Booster or any of the others but none of them are knowledgeable enough about how the UN works that they don't know that.
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lol. Possible.

-Booster goes home. Goes to wikipedia.-

"Hey wait a minute, there's no way the UN can su- Oh that cheating little b#@$%!!!" >:(

Then Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, Phantom Stranger, The Spectre, and Ambush Bug travel thru time and space to make this reboot non-canon.

-sigh- if only