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i think in this case, it's not the "World" that hates and fears us, it's the "governments" fear and hate them, which has been a distinction here...

The Govenments fear the Supers because they can't control them hence the scene with the chairwoman.

But the People LOVE the JLA. because they are independant of the governments.

Here we have the governments essentially trying to have thier own superhero team they are trying to control (and not working).

meanwhile here, the people fear a government controlled superhero team. seeing them as government cronies.

as to the man here who rips Booster a new one, he just lost his daughter, so he is understandably angry. and he isn't necissarily wrong, superheroes do tend to attract supervillains.

that said, i think ultimately this will lead the team to be independant like the justice league, but work on a global scale free of the UN.