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No, not that. Not what you think. Minds out of the gutter.

io9 has managed to find a new method to deal with their criminal element.

Someone that defy common sense and most laws of reality.

Someone to take back the night.

More from the article behind the cut.

From the article:

"Unbeknownst to DC Comics, a new sequel to The Dark Knight Returns is unfolding in the Brazilian city of Taubaté. Police have recruited 50-year-old military retiree and local Batman impersonator André Luiz Pinheiro to patrol crime-ridden neighborhoods.

And unlike other fictional superheroes who have made the jump to the corporeal realm — such as the Washington Deadpool — the gutsy Taubaté Batman will be on the beat in dangerous neighborhoods. According to the Brazilian news site O Vale, Pinheiro will hopefully become an approachable presence in these troubled communities and act as a recognizable beacon for lost children."

A grown man with military training walking around an actual crime ridden neighborhood, fighting crime and reconnecting with the citizens.

In full Batman costume.

I shit you not.

I am standing up and applauding this man and the sheer balls/guts it takes to bear the Mantle of the Bat, and yet sad that a community has become so desperate the Bat-signal has to be used.

Oh, and the article also has more super-hero love.

Like this gem.

Which, of course, leads you to this crack.

For legality, a moment of longing:

Date: 2012-03-09 03:47 pm (UTC)
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I didn't know Batman and Superman starred in West Side Story.

*Sigh* now i am visualizing Bruce and Clark singing One Hand/One Heart, and parting saying

Clark: Te adoro Bruce
Bruce: Te Adoro Kal-El.


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