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Mankind's Micro-Crisis

Four pages from ACTION COMICS 7...

Metropolis, shortly after being bottled...


Meanwhile, Steel's dealing with the other million consequences of a city being shrunken and abducted off the face of the earth.

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I'd really like a (doomed) romance or friendship between Lois and Lex. Lois doesn't really do much for me as Clark's girlfriend because all the strengths she has, he has too (they're both smart, they're both righteous and they're both good investigative journalists and if these strengths are amped up in Lois's characterisation to distinguish her from Clark then she gets on my nerves) but as soon as she's smart, righteous and snarky next to Lex, I love them both. I thought they had a nice dynamic in the animated verse, and this reminds me of that dynamic... just imagine all the glorious bickering (and the bonding over their mutual Superman obsession)!
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A billion magnificent snippets of fanfic just exploded into my mind and it's all your fault.
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I kid, I kid. Honestly I don't see Lex and Lois having a romantic relationship but maybe an awkward friendship, sure?

But then again I've read some fascinating (and sometimes terrifying) fanfics that are extremely well done and have convinced me to believe/invest in relationships that are totally out of left-field. So a Lex/Lois romance isn't entirely out of the question.
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I don't know. For me, the concept of Lex/Lois was forever spoiled by Millar in Red Son. Although how much of that was down to Millar, how much of it was Morrison's influence, and how much was just the setting, I'm not sure.

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I like my fictional characters happy
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I think that them being semi-involved at some point or another has been a part of Superman's continuity on and off since the Byrne days. They were apparently both an item briefly there, as well as in the DCAU.

Possibly he might still miss her influence, what with him building roboLois in Cornell's Action Comics to bounce ideas off of and to give him an objective look at his schemes.

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2012-03-10 05:18 pm (UTC)(link) Kinda icky, actually. I like Lex with RoboLois, though.