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Avengers Academy #27

So this came out this week and as many might know featured the Runaways and the Avengers Academy kids meeting up. Lullz assuredly did ensue. So here's three pages of interest, though the first two are actually going further into Striker since his coming out a few issues ago.


See. this was the first page of the issue and I was already trying to contain my laughter. Striker's pace indeed!

I've now begun to like Striker. He's definitely not thinking a lot of this through but can't help but find it hilarious including his mom apparently not caring whether he's gay or not (granted she likely sees it as a media opportunity much like he does). And yeah this is what Striker would do given he loves the media.

Now as many might've seen in the preview of the issue like usual the Runaways and Avengers Academy students fought but here's an amusing page of after the dust settles and the teams interact, slowly.


Tigra is indeed fighting dirty. Molly and Klara playing with William. XD

That's only the tip of the iceberg in amusing chatter. I highly suggest getting a copy.                                                                                      

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When she was fully human under the name Cat, she did wear a full body costume which Pasty Walker later worn as Hellcat. It wasn't until she changed into a Catperson did she start wearing the bikini costume.