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Miyazaki's Concepts of Good vs. Evil, and Matt Rhode's 'My Hero'

Though not strictly actual comics in the sense that they'd be okay in of themselves to be posted here, I thought that these are relevant enough to our community that people might think that they're cool in their own right.

First off, a comic based on various interviews of Hayao Miyazaki, and his ideas behind storytelling, female characters and his opinions on the natures of good and evil.

From here,

On a related note, if you haven't seen Princess Mononoke go! Do it now! It's one of those rare films that involve "environmental" issues that doesn't paint the non-nature side as villains. In fact, no one really is a "villain" in this movie, just different sorts of people. Go watch it.

And on a similar fantasy scale, here's My Hero, by Matt Rhodes, who did some of the concept artwork for Mass Effect, as well as the Disney Apocalypse painting from a FanArt Thursday way, Wayyy back when,

For the legalities, a cover from the Wildstorm remake of the Thunderbolt Jaxon comicbook series, which is itself something of an underrated fantasy comic (the remake, the original British version I haven't seen),

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Miyazaki Gets It.

Personally, my favourite of his remains Laputa, and my favourite film in general is Whisper of the Heart, which he had a hand in. But Mononoke was great all the same.


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