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Because Steph is amazing.

So, I mentioned in my last post how much I missed Oracle and all her awesome. Here's a tribute to another favourite of mine, who I've also been sorely missing in the DCnU.

Batgirl #3: Steph proves her mettle as Batgirl, fighting on through hallucinations induced by Scarecrow's drugs.

And the birth of Team Batgirl:

Batgirl #4: Because it always makes me laugh.

Batgirl #5. Every scene involving Damian and Steph is pure gold, I swear to god.

Batgirl #10: Steph runs into Nick Gage (who has only ever met her as Batgirl), tries to go for the cryptic double-talk, and ends up completely weirding him out. Bahaha. Oh Steph, ilu.

Batgirl #15: Because lol. Just lol.

Batgirl #17: Steph trying to teach Damian how to be a kid. D'awwww.

Batgirl #20: After a shaky start to her day-saving...

...Steph save the day with a combination of quick wits and some handy magnetic gooperangs.

Batgirl #24: Am I a hopeless softy if I admit that this issue still makes me tear up every time I read it? Because it totally does. I was, and still am, so bitterly disappointed that this comic was cut short prematurely - and right in the middle of a story arc, no less - but in spite of the shittiness of the circumstances, I don't think Bryan Q. Miller could have given Steph a better send-off.

One of my favourite little scenes from Steph's Black Mercy-induced hallucinations. I hadn't realised how often Nell (the adorable ten-year-old African American girl, here depicted as Future!Batgirl) appeared in the comics till I began re-reading them. I think she must pop up at least three times over the course of the series (four times, including this issue).

And this. Just. This scene. I want to hug this scene.

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