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And Montpellier makes three

THE SHADE 6 continues the previous issue's examination of the superhero scene in the DC Universe's Spain...

La Sangre expounds on the history between herself and her enemy the Inquisitor...

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I'm still loving all this.
But I continue to believe they should have allowed the Shade to take place in the old pre-Flashpoint DCU.... :/
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It being in pre-Flashpoint Earth is pretty much the only way that it'd make sense.

What with the timeline not making sense now, as large chunks, if not all, of Starman have now been invalidated by the erasure of the original JSA from the current continuity... and considering Starman was all about people's connections to Ted Knight, Wesley Dodds, Jay Garrick, Ted Grant etc., it makes not sense for those stories if they now DON'T EXIST.
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*still wishing for "The New 52" to be a temporary thing, as in ending this next September and things going back to the way they were*

Yeah, specially with this Shade maxi-series working sort of like "Starman Vol. 11"
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He references Jack Knight in the first issue, I think, when he's talking about families and life with Mikaal.
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The way I see it. The Shade mini fits under my make up your own continuity to fit Post Flashpoint DC. That everything before with Starman included happened and whatever DC says cannot contradict it. Because if you don't showing this mini to Didio and asking HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE will only cause headaches. Massive horrible headaches.
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The DCU and 616 are kind of like if someone stapled all the Choose Your Adventure books together and called it Choose Your Own Canon, aren't they?