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Also, a vastly better trailers than the last official one!
Yeah, after all of the leaks and executive people attempting to move the show to next year, a release date has finally been announced...

April 14th! This year! :D

And rather that having the title The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra in the States, the show's going to just be called Legend of Korra, which is good because that's the name of it in the tags here. ^^;

More concept art collected here,

Here are the new trailer, which seem to fit the tone of the series better than the last one that Nock released, the first featuring Amon, the villain of the show,

...I think that might ACTUALLY be Tim Curry as Amon. SWEET!
EDIT: Actually it turns out that Amon is Steve Blum, aka Spike Spiegel... SPIKE IS THE VILLAIN OF KORRA! :D

And for the legalities, a poster by the guys that drew the Promise comics,
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