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X-Men mythos

This week's release of X-Men : Season One made me want to post the last time Marvel did a similar exercise. (Well, I think it's the last one, maybe there were some in between :p).

To quote wikipedia:
Mythos is a six-issue series of one-shot Marvel comic books written by Paul Jenkins and fully painted by Paolo Rivera, each issue is based on the origin story of a particular character or group within Marvel's collective universe.

Jenkins remarked in several promotional interviews that the project was to be used to bridge the gap between the comics and more recent movie adaptations as a means of introducing the new readers with little knowledge of these characters comic histories.

The first Mythos book, Mythos: X-Men #1, was released March 2006 and featured an adapted version of the story first seen in The X-Men #1 (September 1963). However, the themes in the story were slightly altered to match with those that have become the general overall tone of the X-Men comics, with Magneto noting that Cape Citadel is actually a facility being used for anti-mutant purposes during a conversation with Professor Xavier which never took place in the original story which saw Magneto attempt to steal Nuclear Weapons.

Both the date (2006) and the influence of the first X-Men movies are pretty obvious on it. The overall tone is strikingly different from Season One :)

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Rivera does a creepy Magneto, I'll give him that much.
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I do get that too. Not with the contemporary Magneto these days, but definitely from this appearance here, and a few others. I think, despite some of the problems with the X-Movies, Magneto was really solidly done.
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i c u, yul brynner.
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Hehe, good, not just me then. :)
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The thing that throws me right out of this is Xavier's sci-fi looking wheelchair. I've hated that thing since it got introduced....
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That thing was always so bizarre to me back in the old 90's Animated Show.
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It's especially strange with the retro costumes and all. It just seems so OFF. Besides, it always seemed more awesome that the most powerful telepath on earth uses a standard wheelchair. *shrug*
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Wow, this is a lot more murder-y than I remember the original story being.
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Wow ! Je ne connaissais pas, je n'en avais même jamais entendu parler, j'aime beaucoup !

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I think this art is beautiful, I love it. Why can't we get more of this rather than photomanips and porn (Land, I'm talking about YOU)

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Aww, I read "X-Men mythos" and thought "X-Men as viewed through the Cthulhu Mythos." Sorta like what's happening in this thread (filled with ideas on how to twist DC and Marvel characters through such a lens).

But this is really good, too!
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The Cancerverse, yes! I do know of that one, but have yet to pick up the trade.

I'm not really an RPG.netter, I just stumbled across that thread years ago when looking around for alternate world ideas for my own superhero game (found here).