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Four pages from Legion Lost #7, just because they amused me.

To recap: Our team of intrepid Legionnaires - Gates, Chameleon Girl, Dawnstar, Wildfire, Tellus, Timber Wolf and team leader Tyroc - have chased another time traveler back to the 21st century (see LL #1-6) and become stranded by the strains the Flashpoint barrier creates for time travelers; over in the Legion's main title, the group believes the away team dead and has installed statues for them.

At this point their original mission is pretty much a wash, and this is a filler issue in which the team deals with the intricacies of daily life in the distant past - particularly when at least two of your team are distinctly non-hominid.

There's some discussion of the Mission Creep Problem, and Tellus randomly forms a mental bond with a woman trapped in a nightmare of pain; this, and what Tellus learns from it, forms the A plot, with which I shall not bother except to say that the art depicting the mindscape the two of them create together is lovely.

No, it's the B plot that tickled my fancy.

This is Osman Bin Iffadi aka Oz, petty street thief who watched Gates 'port the Legionnaires into a back alley back on the first page.

He takes T-Wolf to said gang-bank. "Do I understand you correctly? These muscle-heads sell illegal drugs and store their profits in that building?" "Straight up!" "Why haven't the authorities taken action?" "Maybe they're not as plugged in as the Oz-man." Oz asks T-Wolf what his plan is.

"Plan-?! You want a plan?" Smirk. "Team up with Batman!"

Instead Timber Wolf does What He Does Best (TM), breaking in and kayo'ing the gang in short order. (Well, a very nice 2-page spread, but six of one.)

"-life isn't always fair!"

T-Wolf's playing quick and dirty with the ethics there, but I kinda think it works in the end.
Next up, the stage is set for "The Culling," the big Legion Lost/Teen Titans/nU-Superboy crossover.

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I haven't checked in with this book since about 4-5 issues ago, and honestly the concept hasn't done anything to grab me. I don't buy Legion books to read about goings-on in the present-day DCU. There are already dozens of other books that I could read for that, if I felt like it.

If they had to be lost in time, at least they could've been lost in the distant past or a future even further away than their own "present." And on somewhere other than [yawn] Earth.

Which is too bad, because I love these characters. It's the setting that I don't give a flying rat's ass about.

Nice to see Yera as her proper bald self again, though.


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