Date: 2012-03-17 07:36 am (UTC)
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It's very funny that people confuse Eros/Cupid with the fat putti or amorino cupids that people also call cherubs. They're not the same the latter are just love sprites/a whole other watering down of cherubim. It's very funny how all of that has gotten sort of tied up and confused.

Eros was pretty much a slender full grown youth to the Greeks and their depictions of them, late teens to early twenties. As Cupid he married Psyche and was old enough to have children with her. I'd probably blame the Romans they seemed to depict him anywhere from prepubescent to up to the Greek age depictions but they're the ones that made him the chubby boy with the bow and arrows.

I like that they're depicting Eros as I'm going to imply here the child of Hephaestus the lame smith god (who is a jewelry smith now?!) and Aphrodite's cuckolded husband instead of the Roman tradition of Eros being the son of her and Ares. It's really nice to have a great contrast like that. Unhappy marriage but the result from that was Eros, a powerful god in himself. Though the whole Love + War = Eros is also nice too.

I love Greco-Roman mythology!
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