Date: 2012-03-19 09:54 pm (UTC)
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As someone whose father did promptly run off, I still take offense because it seems like you're laying the blame at Diana's feet and at the feet of the child. I might be reading it wrong or getting the wrong tone, but I still think it's a horrid term to use, and you're using it to find fault with a comic, of all things.

Yes, it is unfortunate that my father (although we do not regard him as such) ran off, but why brand the child with something unsavoury because of his inability to commit? Stop using the term.

As for being asexual, it's just annoying. DC completely eradicated that aspect of the character in the years after Marston dying, and now it's just annoying to see a lot of people just thing she shouldn't have some kind of partner. I mean, every time the idea is remotely experimented with, it's the fanbase who largely kick up a fuss and scream. Again, it was the response to Nemesis that largely gave us Simone's ridiculous and awful resolution to the relationship, that didn't make Diana endearing at all. It's another thing along the same lines as characters never being allowed to progress in general.
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