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Legend of Korra Recap and Review, Plus Steph kicking someone

Due to my not being able to see Young Justice this week, where is a link to my review of the first episode of the series, Welcome to Republic City, which was aired officially on Nick's press release page. Spoilers abound, obviously.

And for the legality, here is Steph meeting up with Dean, the guy who got her pregnant for the first time since he dumped her during the earthquake in Cataclysm.

A bit of context for this, this is a guy, who when in a shopping mall that's being shaken apart by an earthquake, whose first decision is immediately run off, telling his girlfriend, that she's wasting her time saving people trapped in the debris. After this, when Steph found she was pregnant, his response was to say that it was probably someone else's, and promptly move to another city with his family.

Later, after a year long storyarc that covered her pregnancy and her heartrending decision to take the responsible choice by giving the kid up for adoption, Dean decides to stroll back into Steph's life in the worst possible manner you can think of,

Casstoon being prepped at the moment, should be up early this week.

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