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Free Comic Book Day 2007: Sweater vest!

From the 2007 Free Comic Book Day issue of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES IN THE 31ST CENTURY:

Comparing Clark Kent to Rick Santorum or Matthew Perry sounds odd, but there you go.
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I don't get it, is there some context to sweater vests that I'm missing?
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There is a crazy right-wing politician named Rick Santorum who is running for president in America and who likes to wear sweater vests.
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Oh I'd heard of he frankly rather terrifying Santorum, but not his sweatervest fixation. (And wouldn't have linked Matthew Perry with them either, but then I only remember him from 90210)
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Matthew Perry was on Friends, Luke Perry was on the original 90210.
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Here's why Santorum is clearly opposed to everything our lovely little LGBTQ community stands for: he in his own words said, "the definition of marriage" has never included "man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be."

He compared pedophilia and bestiality to homosexuality. Wow! This guy as the next leader of the free world? Not on our watch.

Avengers Assemble!
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Re: Santorum

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Heard that one before. Of course, normally it's "If we let gays get married, next we'll be letting people marry children or dogs! It's a slippery slope!"

Of course, by that logic: "Barbers cut off your hair! Logically, next they'll be cutting off your arms and legs! It's a slippery slope!"

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Re: Santorum

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Or as Pat Robertson implied, the next step is legalizing sex with ducks. Which led to this delightful Garfunkel & Oates ditty:

You might wanna rethink the barber analogy though. Barbers were the closest thing to surgeons in the Middle Ages. And yes, they did perform amputations.
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Here's a copy of the USA Today article where the above quote comes from.
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Re: Santorum

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Well he's just one big bundle of hate-filled ghastliness isn't he?

Re: Santorum

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The fact that he's doing distressingly well in the GOP primaries, especially Southern states, says a lot of unflattering things about that part of the US and the GOP in particular.
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Re: Santorum

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Yeah, he's a putz, but it sure would be swell if the current Commander-In-Chief could be a little more vigorous on the subject than having "evolving" views.

I love how DOMA was foisted on us by a Democrat in the first place. And now a Bush-era appointee has ruled that it's <a href=">unconstitutional</a>. Obama will mine people's understandable revulsion towards Santorum, et al. for more money, more votes, more cred, and then he'll spend the next four years dithering and expecting accolades for it. I'd bet my last five bucks on that.
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Re: Santorum

[personal profile] cleome45 2012-03-21 04:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, there was no end of excuse-makers for Clinton's fuckery then, just as there's no end of excuse-makers for Obama's fuckery now. It's like politicians have an automatic license to favor their own egos and careers over the rights of anyone they previously promised to look out for. The poor dears can't help themselves. (Yeah, sure they can't.)

Yes, "waffle" and "dither" mean the same thing, and in retrospect, I was too easy on Obama. He's not dithering. He's willfully stringing along millions of American citizens because, deep down, he doesn't care about them. He used them as a stepping stone to advance his own fortunes and he will use them again as many times as he possibly can. It's the same shit Democrats do over and over again to their supposed base, and it's why I stopped voting for any of the self-serving fuckers years ago.

But as long as Santorum and his ilk are out there, Democrats always have a built-in means of bullying the people they screw. Hey, vote for us! At least we don't call you poopy names to your face!!
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Re: Santorum

[personal profile] cleome45 2012-03-21 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
Sorry. Link didn't work. One more try.
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It makes me sad that Santorum tarnishes the image of the noble sweater-vest so. :(