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Spoilers Obviously.

- Recap,
The episode begins with Dinah Lance and Ollie Queen being called to Mount Justice, apparently because of something important. It turns out that the supervising members of the JLA in charge of looking after the group have video tape of Black Canary making out with Superboy... yeesh. Well at least Dinah looks as suprised by everyone else at this.

Title sequence.

And it turns out that the Dinah in the video was actually Megan, which Ollie thinks is hilarious but Dinah is understandably upset by this. J'onn tries to explain that this is apparently a common "game" on Mars, as people can call read minds and shapeshift, so there is no falsehood in such things. Dinah, however, points out that they're not on Mars, and goes to yell at Megan.

Megan, meanwhile, is watching the tv show that inspired her human appearance and mannerisms. Dinah gives her "the talk", which is thankfully skipped over, and tells her to just be herself, which draws a bad reaction from Megan.

Batman calls the team for a mission, it seems that the democratically elected ruler of Qurac is going to step down in a few days, as he's suddenly gone from being a humanitarian to backing Queen Bee's claims that his country and her own, the neighbouring Bialya, were once one country, and that they should be united as one under her absolute rule.

Batman, a friend of the president of Qurac in his civilian guise, is understandably concerned about this. Understandably the natives of Qurac aren't that happy about this as they're fully aware of the brutality of Queen Bee's rule, leading to protests that seem all to familiar from the past year or two. The president responded to the protests by banning the press in his country and enforcing martial law, causing different sorts of images from the protests from the last couple of years.

Robin points out that Queen Bee must be controlling the Quraci president somehow, and asks Batman if it's true that she has the power to enthrall most men? Batman replies "And some women." HA! Lesbians and bi folk confirmed in the YJ-verse by Batman! Batman puts Robin in charge of the team as Aqualad is apparently busy doing something with Aquaman, and sends them out to investigate what's going on in the two countries.

The team arrive in Qurac, just in time to see Bialyan tanks rolling across the border, causing a herd of gnus to stampede. Turns out that the land the tanks are rolling across is the Logan Animal Sanctuary and the tanks are rolling towards a woman and her son who are taking care of one of the sick animals, which probably means that Beast Boy is in the immediate future.

Robin orders the team into stealth mode, and they manage to stop the tanks and save the woman and kid at the same time. Yay. Hey, Gar's mum looks like an adult version of Megan... oh. Gar's mum is annoyed that Superboy injured the wilderbeast (not a gnu sadly) that was going to trample them, but says that she guesses it was unavoidable. Megan asks that she stay and help fix fences with Ms Logan while Robin and co hang out with Gar, which they both grudgingly agree too.

Back at the sanctuary, Garfield is giving them to tour. Superboy, keeping with his theme, is attacked by a monkey. The show is also keeping its theme of literal animal names, with the oryx called Oryx and the monkey called Monkey. Gar points out that it's kind of rude for Megan to look exactly like his mum when she was on her tv show as a teenager, which causes it to dawn on the guys in the team that maybe Megan's human appearance and behaviour might not actually be what she's really like...

A drone from Bialya attacks the Logan's house, and despite Garfield being ordered to say inside the house by Robin, he goes to their barn and his promptly exploded. The team openly destroy the drones, but it's definite that the Bialyans know that the Team are involved now.

Gar apparently is in shock and needs a blood transfusion, and it appears that the nearest hospital with a guarranteed supply of his rare bloodtype is too far away, even at Kid Flash speed. Megan steps in, apparently her shapeshifting occurs at a cellular level and by shapeshifting into Gar, or something, he can have a blood transfusion from her.

Ah, so they're riffing the She-Hulk origin for Beast Boy in the YJverse,gotcha.

While the transfusion is going on, the team try to find a news station to watch because, you know, the plot. But instead they turn on the VHS of the sitcom Hello Megan! instead... which reveals on top of Megan looking identical to the female lead, the male lead looks identical to Superboy but with 1990s hair. Also Rita Farr was in it, yay! The others sound familiar, but I'm not sure if they're DC characters or not.

Conner is understandably weirded out that Megan's entire persona is duplicated from a Saved By the Bell! rip-off. And the themesong is hilariously awful. And it turns out that Conner is named after the male loveinterest from the show. HAHAHA! Just as Megan walks in, transfusion complete, the boys quickly change the tape off revealling that Psimon, the bloke that gave them amnesia the last time they were in Bialya, is the one controlling the Quraci president.

The Team infiltrate the Quraci presidential palace, where it turns out that on top of brainwashing him, they'd also kidnapped the presidents daughter too. Just as they start talking to him though, Bialyan troops burst into the room with New Gods weaponry, saying that they're basically going to assassinate the president and pin the blame on the Team.

Invisible Megan flies off to fight Psimon, while the team stay behind to rescue the President. Psimon, looking something like a Dragonball Z villain in casual clothes, begins the psychic battle by knocking her out of the air. He then decides to use Megan's "greatest fear" against her, and forcibly turns off her shapeshifting power, causing her to revert to her White Martian appearance. Which, if people complained that Klarion was too creepy, is definately up there in the "scaring kids senseless" stakes.

Meanwhile, the male part of the team save the president and his daughter, yay. The Team run to Megan's rescue, but she knocks them unconcious herself to keep from the looking at her in her regular clothes. And it turns out that her red chestbands are her psychic clothes, huh. Psimon reveals that her transformation was being recorded as evidence against her, and her decision to knock out her teammates rather than admit the truth was REALLY the worst thing she could have done in that situation.

Psimon knocks her back onto the psychic plane, and he essentially mentally dissects her, showing her fears that if her true identity is revealled she'll be kicked off the team, be deported back to Mars by J'onn and loose Conner all in one swoop. Megan basically responds to his blackmail attempts by going all Yu-Gi-Oh and mindcrushing him, leaving him catatonic.

Later, Queen Bee is angrily yelling about why the Quraci president isn't meeting her as planned, on live internation news too. The president responds by yelling back (out of range of her sexy powers) that he didn't do it of his free will and that his country will never come her her rule. Bee responds by responding like a stereotypical supervillain, again, ON LIVE INTERNATIONAL TV. Gar is watching at home with his mum, and his eyes have turned bright green, uh oh.

In fact, it turns out that Queen Bee was actually Megan in disguise, which in fact explains the... lack of subtly involved. Back at the Logan estate, the team are watching Bruce Wayne meeting up with the Quraci president on tv to offer humanitarian aid to the country, causing Wally to loudly start implying that he knows who Bruce secretly is. Robin jabs him in the ribs, and tells him to go and collect a souvenir. He chooses the Hello Megan! VHS, and asks Megan to explain what her deal is.

She explains that growing up on Mars, it wasn't a happy time for her, but she watched the broadcasts that J'onn sent from Earth to teach Martians about their "Sister Planet" it made her happy through a lonely childhood, so she when she had to chose a human form she went with Megan's. If that makes sense. Dick then raises the question as to what Megan actually looks like, and she responds with... her regular human form, but bald and with J'onn's eyebrow-ridges. Oh, I'm so disappointed in you young lady.

Megan asks Ms. Logan to not be mad for her face plagarism, getting the response that actually she's honoured because Megan helped save Garfield. She now says she considers her to be a part of their family now. Aww. She goes to Garfield's room to check up on him, only for it to turn out that Queen Bee is in bed with him.

The Queen starts stroking him creepily, and starts talking about how she could "get her little thrawl here to start damaging himself". Megan powers up to get all mind destroyery, but the Queen responds with the double threat of if anything happens to her then Garfield dies AND everyone will find out what Megan actually is.

*Dramatic sting*

- Review
Well, I now have another new favourite episode. This episode manages to both fully off a somewhat believable supervillain scheme, with the final threat being used by the Light to control Megan in the end being reflected by the one used to control the Quraci president, while managing a significant piece of character development for Megan.

Also, I thought that it was kind of cool that the piece of fanon that I came up with to describe the kind of stereotypical behaviour of Megan turned out to be kind of correct. By it not being the writers writing her intentionally as being stereotypical and flat, but that Megan was acting that way because she thought that was the way humans kind of acted.

Kind of wondering if Kid Flash's somewhat superficial treatment of Megan might have contributed to her terrifying self-image concerns though`111111111111111111111111`1

And on a minor note, yeah, it might have been a throwaway line, but damn I'm happy that they acknowledged gay or bisexual people exist in the YJverse. ^^

- Cameoes
Queen Bee

Garfield Logan and his Mum

TV Conner

Rita Parr, aka Gar's adoptive mother in the regular universe, as well as a member of the Doom Patrol,

The rest


Megan's real face,

And the trailer for this half of the season and a bit of Invasion,
Bits I picked up? Match looks like he's going to be appearing. A team-up between Barbara and Dick. More Cheshire/Roy Harper stuff. The possible unveiling of Conner's relationship with Lex? More on Dick's backstory. Wonder Woman's voice in a JLA scene? Lobo! Clayface! Jaime Reyes! Lagoon Boy! John Stewart!

For legality, and because it was Mother's Day in the UK yesterday, here's a bit from from the DCAU about a somewhat undeveloped character in the Batman canon,

Seriously, why is all of the backstory on the parents mostly about Thomas? Martha is kind of underdeveloped with the exception of four stories,
- Batman: the Ultimate Evil - where it was revealled that she was involved in trying to crack down on child sex rings in Gotham, which may have resulted in her being murdered to shut her up.

- Batman: Family - a friend of his mother shows up, and tells Bruce that she was steal from a charity that she set up (turned out to be lies, but again the theme of Martha being involved in charity work shows up).

- Streets of Gotham - in a cool story towards the end of the run that shows how Thomas, Leslie Thompkins and Martha all met each other, with Martha working as a volunteer worker in Leslie's clinic whose father's fortune was stolen by a Mafia con scheme. I liked this story, she had personality in it.


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