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The distressing thing about Snyder's comment (which is probably true as far as what he's been told) is that is resembles almost exactly what writers at DC have been told about other character who NO ONE was using and DC didn't use. The guys who took over from Willingham (I think) on JSA were asked on the DC message boards about seeing Billy Batson (MIA in DC comics since he was depowered) in their run and the response was that Editors told them they had "plans" for the character. What were those plans? Aside from a badly written one-shot by Eric Wallace as tie in to the terrible Deathstroke's Titans books, Billy never appeared in a DC comic after he was depowered until the present reboot.

Then we have the infamous Cassandra Cain case (AGAIN!) back in 2009 where in print Dan Didio stated there were "big plans" in 2010 for Cassandra Cain. When asked I believe Bryan Miller also said that Cass would not be in his Batgirl run because there were "plans" for her. Fast foward a year where Cass NEVER appeared in a DC comic except in flashback cameos and we learn from FabNic that when he asked about using Cass for Red Robin, Editorial had no problem because they had NO current "plans" for her.

I really wish it was the Editors (Harras, Didio/Lee, Marts) who were asked more directly about this since I really do believe that the writers at DC have very little clue about what Editorial is doing long-term (which has proven to be the case already in several "new 52" titles). Even George Perez left Superman because he disagreed with the "direction" DC wanted to go - they must have told him something different when he first went on the book (witness the complete disappearance of Lois Lane's new highly publicized - complete with press release - "hunky" boyfriend after just one issue).

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