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This will not end well, will it? Is Winter a Queen now? I haven't been catching up.

Part of me wants Willingham to throw a swerve and have Mr. Steampuddle and This Land of Misbegotten Toys be fairly benign and not threatening.
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Yeah, I know narratives depend on conflicts, but sometimes I just want to read happy comics.
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"And with the help of her toy stewards she becomes a wise ruler and fair woman. She is sometimes melancholy, but she is never lonely".
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I agree. Wouldn't that make a GREAT story? And a new "fable" in itself. The Queen of Lost Toys.

Too bad, Willingham has this "prophecy" (I hate prophecies in fiction - especially fantasy - characters AND readers are too reliant on them and know whats coming) and Therese's actions will probably lead to one her siblings deaths (and I hate killing kids in fiction as well).

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Winter, I think, was chosen as the new North Wind, and thus, Queen of that realm old Mr. North ruled.

So, Therese going through a bit of a jealous phase, was talked into running away (or something) by one Mr. Steampuddle (who is WAY evil and probably sent by the lingering Mrs. Spratt).

Words out on the denizens of Toyland (unless the issue shows them conspiring behind Therese's back).
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Winter as the new North Wind? Well THAT is unexpected, everyone was thinking it would be Ghost. It does kind of have some irony to it though - Winter has a completely apt name for the new North Wind and its the name of Bigby's wolf MOTHER who the North Wind had abandoned and broke her heart, not to mention the fact for a new Queen of an Elemental force of nature if I remember right, Winter was the only cub who looked fully human at birth and could have fit in with the Mundies without going to the Farm (she was also the "runt" of the litter, no?).
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Willingham hasn't ever confirmed who the runt of the litter is. The cubs seem to think it's Ambrose or Winter. But I think, given that Bigby was himself the runt, that his runt would be pretty special.
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I thought it would be Ghost, considering his unique background.