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2001 Nights: Lucifer Rising

2001 Nights is a science fiction manga that ran from 1984-1986, and was translated in 1996.

It was also one of my first exposures to manga-qua-manga (the comic store I had just started going to at the time was selling cheap 'grab bags', and I loaded up on manga, GNs, and 2000 AD - the selection was quite diverse).

Anyway, on with the show...the series is an anthology series of stories set in the same universe, but only loosely interconnected, covering a span of several hundred years, starting at the dawn of humanity's spread into space, and ending, obviously, well into the future. I'll be skipping the preliminary stories and picking up with Night 7: Lucifer Rising, which is spread across issues 2 and 3 of the translated series.

(Remember, it was written in 1984, so there's a lot in the politics and science that are a bit outdated. And, in this story, in particular, the the theology's kind of whack. But it's a good story, just try not to get too distracted by that stuff.)

Also remember that, while it is manga, it's manga that was translated in the mid-90s, so read left-to-right, since it got flopped.

At the start of Lucifer Rising, we have already spread throughout the solar system.

In the orbit of Jupiter, a mining ship spots a stray icey comet, the origin of which they've no idea on. They attempt to take a sample. One of the miners notices the comet is giving off gamma rays, while the other is fascinated with something he sees under the ice, and doesn't hear his partner's warning not to touch it. It explodes, destroying the ship, and scaring the hell out of the people in the Ganymede outpost (which was lucky enough to be on the other side of Jupiter at the time). The head of the outpost, a Dr Mark Cleaver, talks of several similar incidents (one on the moon, the Tunguska Event, etc), and becomes determined to find the source of the comet.

The story then jumps ahead a bit, and we meet priest and scientist, Fr Ramon Chavez, on his way to meet the Pope.

It should be no surprise, of course, that Dr Cleaver is the head of the expedition Fr Chavez joins up with.

While they sleep in stasis, we get a couple pages of information on Lucifer:

(Ah, yeah, told you the science was outdated.)

Uhuru's hybernation chamber goes boom, and everybody gets rather spooked by the floating corpse.

But, the show must go on, but they do, of course, look into what happened.

So, they decide to check over the ship, to make sure nothing else is wrong with her, so one of the crewmen, a fella named Mark, who objects to being given a job so far out of his actual expertise, takes a pod out, while the other survivors discuss things.

Alas poor Mark, we didn't really know him, at all, Horatio.

Whoo! Cliffhanger! I'll post the rest (which took up the entirety of issue 3 - this part was only half of issue 2) over the course of 2 more posts, though I make no promises, nor even guesses, on the schedule which those posts will come on.

12 pages from 40.
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Love the art here. Thanks for sharing.