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Claiming that Diana is only who she is due to her (incredibly lousy) father is oversimplifying a tad isn't it? It totally ignores any personal character development that she'd have undergone as an individual, as well as free will and the fact that it implies that Diana can't be a good, freethinking person because that's who she is.

It's kind of like saying that the reason why the Batman antihero Anarky only wanted to bring down the establishment was entirely due to his biological father being the Joker, when he had his own socio-political ideas on the subject and only learned who his father is late in his own series.

Or it smacks of that unpleasant time in DC's history where everyone who is immediately related to one or more villains by blood are also evil be default, even if they've always attempted to be good before hand. For example, Cass Cain, Rose Wilson etc. etc.

And there are several other reasonable characters in the book, there is Hermes, Zola, what'shisname the Jason Stratham demigod bloke etc. etc.

And making Hera a villainess (or at least very, VERY shorttempered character) also isn't something new considering the mythology and protrayal in things such as Hercules' only legend. The fact that she's more in line with her mythological version IS somewhat new to the WW books though, as previously she's just been something of a stern influence in the background with Athena being the more forwardly mobile of the goddessses.
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