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CT: On The Developments in Wonder Woman

NSFW For Referencing a Person Who'd Require a NSFW wiki-search.

By Me

The new improved Etta appeared in the new issue of Justice League as Steve Trevor's assistant, who Priapus is and what he did in Ovid's Fasti do not bear repeating.
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to be fair the suddenly thin and african american (which i think is awesome) Etta Candy is probably inspored by the fact that she was going to be played by Traci Thoms in the aborted series.

I also have to giggle at the whole "not observant thing" i could totally see that happening..

also i am a shamed to admit it... I know SOME of the story of Priapus (the obvious *ahem* part...) but don't know the part that this is referencing *goes off to wiki*
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yeah... i am hoping that is becuase of Ttaci Thoms, either i will now be hearing HER voice as i am readin my comics... and that is a very good hting...

also... having now looked up Priapus on wiki and checking out that story... i giggled at the word puns "Pripaus" on thier "asses"

though. now i am not sure WHAT she meant by that...

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Also, to be honest, every single "Etta" I know in real life is African-American.
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Really? Huh. The only people named Etta I know in real life are old white women, one of which is my grandmother.

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GUESS where I learnt about Priapus?

You got it! Harry Potter pornfic.

Second panel: I lol'd.
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I found that porn fic. Ao3?
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I forget what Ao3 means..!

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Wait. They have a large number of male slaves, yet when they want to become pregnant, they go out to find men and kill them? Given that they're the product of Greek myths that weren't shy about a bit of incest here and there, aren't they missing an obvious solution?
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The Amazons aren't the one with the slaves, they give the male children to Hephaestus.

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I actually like this issues revealation and the way this book is going. Its proving something I've thought for a long time, Diana is the only non-asshole in her books.
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Really? You think Donna, Cassie, Hippolyta, Phillipus, Artemis, Vanessa, Etta, Steve (both versions), Julia, Nu'bia, Ferdinand, Leslie, Zola, or any of her other supporting characters that's she ever had are all assholes? o_O
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I learned about Priapus from the Pantheon webcomic (NSFW)
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I clicked, and now I seriously love that comic.
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So, to summarize the Amazons of this story...

- They're murdering psychopaths.
- They're too dumb to forge their own weapons.
- They're man haters to the nth degree.
- They can't produce a single independent thought that doesn't involve sex and/or violence.

The fact that Diana is the only reasonable character (to a degree) in this book adds another point to that list.

- Amazons cannot produce positive thinking individuals unless they have sex with a white male god from space.

Not only does this origin make Wonder Woman totally male dependent, but the main story line screams "Wonder Woman vs. the Female Gender!". She has no female allies outside of the damsel Zola who's pregnant with a son of all things, and Diana's number one villain is Hera, who's literal title is "Goddess of women". I do not understand how DC takes their signature female super hero and puts her in a world where all women are crazy and only men are the trustworthy good guys.

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to lazy to forge their own weapons. After all they didn't always trade the male babies for weapons, so they must have made them themselves back then

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I gotta concur with everyone else on the "god of making weapons" point, but completely agree with you otherwise. This is a complete subversion of everything Wonder Woman is supposed to be: feminine empowerment (this does not necessitate male de-powerment, it's just that it's supposed to be about WOMEN being AWESOME without men around to muck into it, an image of a utopian society free of patriarchy). The Amazons and Themyscara are -important- in that image because the original creator wanted to prove it didn't just work on a personal level, but on a societal level (the gentleman genuinely believed women would/should rule the world eventually) and because he felt a positive, nurturing environment was one of the great things matriarchal rule would provide society.

The DCnu Amazons aren't empowered, they're charictures, masculine nightmare scenario's in line with the ancient legends of Amazons as horrible monsters who are horrible because they're WOMEN WITHOUT A MAN TELLING THEM WHAT TO DO AHHH!

Aweful, aweful bullshit

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Actually it is explained why Diana doesn't know. They only do it three times a century. Which is way to rarely, but they probably had to throw that in to explain why Diana hasn't done this herself

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So...the new Etta Candy's kinda like the new Amanda Waller, right?
Between these two and the new Sivana... all I can come up with is: >SIGH
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A DCU fanfic I read had Bruce Wayne explain that Diana and other Amazons go through intensive combat training because they get their powers from Greek goddesses... and a LOT of those goddesses are associated with love and fertility.

"Face it Clark, if the Amazons didn't undertake that incessant preparation for war ... they'd all be pregnant by Thursday."

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Maybe. But...from what men?
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That's a mite... demeaning as a concept, no? To suggest that women can't control their own sexual urges and need to sublimate it in violent physical activity?