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CT: On The Developments in Wonder Woman

NSFW For Referencing a Person Who'd Require a NSFW wiki-search.

By Me

The new improved Etta appeared in the new issue of Justice League as Steve Trevor's assistant, who Priapus is and what he did in Ovid's Fasti do not bear repeating.

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Wait. They have a large number of male slaves, yet when they want to become pregnant, they go out to find men and kill them? Given that they're the product of Greek myths that weren't shy about a bit of incest here and there, aren't they missing an obvious solution?
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The Amazons aren't the one with the slaves, they give the male children to Hephaestus.

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I forgot that, but the amazons could still borrow the slaves for a day or two each year. It might even make them more productive slaves.
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Since the slaves are all related to at least one of them, that might lead to inbreeding issues.
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You know, kind of a coincidence though only tangentially related to the Amazons since I do not know if their history with him is the same in NuDCU, I happened on an issue of Deadpool Team-Up with Herc in it that touched a bit on that subject. Mainly Herc's kids, and their demise at his hands or due to his neglect.

Furies weren't actually mentioned, but it got me thinking if either of the big two has done a story on that vein. Or even if it was touched in the original myths.

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I don't know. Since one man can impregnate more than one woman at a time, if you start with enough male slaves, you could quickly build up a fairly large pool to draw from.

I could be wrong, but figuring out whether or not it would work involves more thought than I'm comfortable giving the subject, but before my brain shuts down on this, I am wondering why, even if she didn't notice large groups of Amazons going off to have sex with sailors and kill them, she didn't notice large groups of pregnant Amazons a few months later.