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An article, and some pretty new art from "The Fury of Firestorm, the Nuclear Men" is up at Newsarama, as the new writing team of Tony Harris and Ethan Van Sciver take over creative duties from the departing Gail Simone. It's well worth a read.

One of the more interesting ideas from this series is that the Firestorm Protocols are a genuinely international setup, much like the nuclear arms race, with countries developing their own Firestorm derived agents (Not sure if "heroes" is always going to be the appropriate term).

First up, after the American Firestorms we've met, is Pozhar, the Russian Firestorm...

Not sure if Pozhar is going to be a collective entity, or perhaps able to fission like the old Firestorm villain Multiplex, but he apparently developed the Firestorm Protocols with Martin Stein.

Pre DCnU, Pozhar was the name of a Russian superbeing, who was given fire based powers as a result of exposure during the Chernobyl disaster. He fought Firestorm and ended up becoming part of the Firestorm matrix, eventually becoming the sole personality

Not sure who the British Firestorm will be, or what name, but I'm guessing this is him down in front (judging by the colour scheme)

The lady is the DCnU Firehawk, who is the French Firestorm. Firehawk also has a long history in the Firestorm mythos pre-DCnU but this will presumably be a rather different take on the character.

I really like her appearance in this next cover, which also appears to spoil a couple of new member of the JLI.

And finally, meet Rakshasa, the Firestorm of India (One wonders how THAT will play out into the local international situation)

This is the cover to the latest issue, which shows a depowered Ronnie Raymond at the mercy of what appear to be a bunch of EVIL Firestorms... (There's a part of me that hopes they're called "The Radicals")

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