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Amazing Spiderman #682 preview has the preview as Spidey takes his fight against the Sinister Six to new levels.

In the battle to save the planet, it's ...
... the Amazing Spider-man vs. Al Gore.

Wonder what Colbert will make of this?

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Okay, fair enough--probably pushed it a little too much. Politics brings out the best in us, don't it?

The man is a master politician, which typically means he has qualities that are counter to what makes for decent people. To me, his past actions tells me he doesn't really care about other people, he just wants the power that being in the national political arena holds.

I will take back the assault thing, though--I only vaguely remembered it and I didn't see anything on the charges being dropped on my Google search.
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Seriously, I can't even tell you're talking about Al Gore at this point, you seem to be describing some archetypal idea of politicians in general. Like, if I were to explain why I thought Rick Santorum (to pick an easy target) was a horrible person, it would be because of specific things he has said or done that make life worse for people. He is a religious zealot who is anti gay rights, anti contraception, etc, etc.

And I still don't know what people have against Al Gore!
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Well, no one likes to be preached to, especially by a hypocrite.
He has a huge mansion with an exorberant energy bill, his mode of transportation is rarely environmentally friendly, and yet he still tells everyone else what to do.
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Maybe I am just jaded, but that doesn't seem like such a bad thing? There are multiple people on this post going, 'yeah, punch Al Gore in the face!' Mullon was even saying Al Gore deserves it the most out of all American politicians, I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not. Myself, I think the worst politicians are the ones who are actively trying to make life worse for other people. Advocating for a good cause, while arguably failing to live up to your own standards, does not even register compared to that.