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FF #17 Preview...Can't be the only one who noticed this.

 Okay, I'm not really super-obsessive about pairings in these comics, and I usually have to have some subtext pointed out to me, but with this little wordless preview of FF #17, coming out next month, about Peter Parker and Johnny Storm being roommates...well, just look for yourself.

Peter Parker being served breakfast by Johnny Storm wearing nothing but a speedo and a cooking apron? I'd have to be blind not to notice that.

So thank you, S_D, y'all done ruined me. :P
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I don't think you needed s_d to see that one.
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it does help :D
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not that i am complaining... but why is he sorta kinda naked?
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Kinda sorta naked and serving him breakfast. ...Not many roommates I know would do that.

Usually its more like "breakfast is on the counter, sorry its cold/burnt/ not bacon - plates are in the cupboard"

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Peter's the "breadwinner" in this pairing... so Johnny's the stay-at-home domestic.

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On the upside, Pete's clearly trading up from Carlie.
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Hell, Ben would be trading up from Carlie.

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Okay...also are these all the panels in the sequence? in order? Why does he go from dressed to half buttoned to stripping back to straightening his tie?

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Peter is very confused about his feelings for Johnny :D
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I guess we're looking at Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednes- nah, ya got me. Same suit and tie?

Ya, really got me.

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How very Japanese of him.
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Remember, it's only subtext if it's subtle...

THIS on the other hand is SUPERtext.
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Remember Pete

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Any burning sensations you feel are just after effects of a night with Johnny, so don't be alarmed.
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2nd page of the preview... how did Pete's Spidey senses miss this?
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Spidey sense interferes with gaydar?

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Whatever happens in Peter's life, there will always be an almost naked Johnny to serve him...? If that doesn't make you happy, Peter, I don't know what will.

Hello, I'm new to the lj experience (though I've been reading s_d for a while: helps me pick good reads) and I'm not sure how to introduce myself. Other than hello. :D
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And a warm s_d welcome to you in return. :)

Just saying hello is fine, comments are welcomed. and posts are practically fawned over, should you ever feel in the mood (but they're by no means mandatory)

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Not even vaguely surprised. I read the Human Torch/Spider-man mini, I know what's going on.

And, seriously, if this arc is half as fun as that mini, I will be one happy camper.
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...Yeah, I think I may be able to live with a continued lack of Peter/MJ if we get Peter/Johnny instead of Peter/Carlie. This is super cute. Also, not even remotely in the same ballpark as subtle, so I think it's just text rather than subtext. (Johnny, why are you wearing slippers but no pants? Not that anyone's complaining, of course.)
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Slippers are comfy?

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When's Bobby Drake going to get tired of living at the school and become the third roomie? It'll be like the original plan for Amazing Friends!

And if Angelica shows up as well, she can be their beard.
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Not that I don't don my own slash goggles from time to time, but I just see this as some gleeful trolling on Johnny's part. X3
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...Can't it be both?
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The Slash is strong in this one...
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And finally a Marvel creative team comes up with a storyline that makes "One More Day" seem worthwhile to me!
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Why am I finding this "couple" much more interesting and worthwhile to watch than Pete + Carlie. Or even MJ for that matter?! XD