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Trigger warning for racism and homophobia

Nature was a one off issue that, instead of focusing on the heroic members of the GCPD Major Crimes Unit, instead focused upon two corrupt cops and the bad elements of the Gotham Police Departments. Think of it as the series' Villain Protagonist issue.

Before I begin, I have to fill in a bit of background. The series takes place after Commissioner Gordon retired following his wife's murder and his own injuries suffered in Officer Down, which as an event that caused something of a loss of morale all across the board in the GCPD. This, combined with the Mayor's decision to save money by firing a sizable chunk of Gotham's police force and cutting the amount of overtime they could do to save money, and the rise of Black Mask, who was more than willing to bring cops onto his own payrole if they were useful, caused the GCPD's problem with corruption, already the second worst in the US, only behind Hub City, to get even worse.

This was eventually was all sorted out after the One Year Later gap, which saw the reinstatement of James Gordon as commissioner thanks to a massively in-depth investigation carried out by the temporarily fired Detective Bullock. I thought that I should explain this first, so that people wouldn't post "Bah, this isn't realistic, Gordon wouldn't allow it" like I have in the previous times I've posted bits about the corruption in the Gotham Police Force.

Nature begins with a homeless girl raiding a dumpster behind a bookstore for stuff for her to read, while she notices two cops (Roger and Munroe) beating up a drug dealer for operating on their turf without their permission. The girl tries to keep out of sight, but after a rat bites her she tries to make a run for it, only for Munroe to accidentally break her name against the dumpster while trying to get her stop running.

The cops pay Corrigan, a forensics guy who is known to make money on the side by selling evidence (both narcotics and pieces of supervillain related stuff), to loose the evidence bag that holds the girl's belongings. This effectively meaning that her case will get lost in the system and will never be solved, barring the reemergence of the drug dealer who witnessed the murder who the cops say that they'll "deal" with him if he ever shows up again.

Later, they hear news that Black Mask is offering cash to anyone who can get some of his guys off of some crime that happened the previous week, and is willing to pay top dollar for anyone who can make the charges go away. Munroe asks if their contact got the information directly from Sionsi, but the other guy says it wasn't from him but from a woman who is "on the same level as him". The two cops decide that Black Mask is where the action is these days, and decide to steal the evidence to get in good with him.

Note: this was post War Games, so the things he did to people were well known, if not to the general public, then definitely to the cops.

The two cops bribe another corrupt cop to steal the evidence bag, swapping its tag with another bag so now TWO crimes won't ever be solved. They then bring it to Robinson's Park, the green area next to where they murdered the girl, and if you've read No Man's Land then you can probably guess where this is going.

Emptying the evidence bag onto the ground, they stare in shock at the fact that the evidence bag was actually the one they'd paid Corrigan to loose in the first place, and the girl's adoptive mother is incredibly pissed.

This issue was only collected in the deluxe collection of the series that they started releasing recently, and it builds on the themes within the main series, such as the increase in corruption, the homophobia within the policeforce that attributed to making Renee Montoya's life so miserable, etc. It's kind of fascinating in just how horrible the main characters in this issue are, and the extent to which they justify their actions to themselves as being the right thing to do. They seem to be throw-backs to the Commissioner Loeb era back in Year One in a lot of ways, and their mindset that they are real policemen because they are loyal to one another while the main characters of the series are snobs and traitors because they "don't understand that kickbacks just make everyone's lives easier".

In short, just as Gotham Central gave a more streetlevel perspective to Gotham that was absence from the superhero side of things (though it does show what's happening to regular people in the midst of crossovers like War Games and Day of Vengence), this issue acts as an example as to what goes on in the areas of the GCPD that aren't really out to protect and serve. Also, the fact that it demonstrates how easy it is for evidence to be lost and how some members of the GCPD pal up to supervillains to get a little extra cash kind of indicates why they rarely seem to be able to get, say, the Joker an actual prison or death sentence.

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And sometimes with a side salad....

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Oh, you are terrible :)

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I always love reading your comments :D


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