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"Friendly Neighborhood"

Here's a webcomic from "Let's Be Friends Again". Trigger warning: It alludes to the Trayvon Martin tragedy.

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your image is broken?

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Sorry. :(

Also, don't you have to do a legality scan?
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Re: your image is broken?

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webcomics do count.
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Sorry, I erred on the legality scan thing. My apologies.
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Yeah, it is now

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All my cries. Between that poor lad, and the racist/misognic/anti LBQT of the GOP, I don't know if I'll be able to follow the US elections of 2012. I thought 2008 was crazy, a watershed moment. Nope, it only just began, then.
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Oh, Miles

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My heart twinged at this webcomic. Oh, Miles.