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Wolverine and the X-men #8

Marvel continues to serve up a fresh hot serving of AWESOME sauce.

The Jean Grey School for Gifted Students continues to shine, as this title focuses more on the kids attending the school than Logan (as it should be).

An excursion for staff and students occurs.

At the end of last issue, a matter transmuter was used on Wolverine's legs, and so he is getting used to the role Charles Xavier had to for much of the X-men's history: Making do with a wheel chair.

In an attempt to get him and his adamantium bones back to normal, Hank McCoy sets out to SWORD to find another alien matter transmuter to reset Wolverine back, and Quentin leads a field trip back into space to the casino for the same reason.

Things get exciting.

Because the Hellfire Club has hired Sabretooth to cut out the heart of the School (Beast, and his paramour Agent Brand) and this time the casino is ready for the kids.

Sabretooth got to the space station first, killing most of the S.W.O.R.D. agents and leaving Beast behind with no space suit while the fight moved out to the vaccuum of space.

In space no one can hear Sabretooth scream.

Meanwhile, the school kids get to the casino heavy hitters to finally come down and face them.

And Angel and Evan (Genesis) have a bonding moment afterwards.

Beast and Brand rekindle their romance with Sabretooth's defeat (although he is in stitches) and Wolverine learns a lesson from the kids... to have faith in them.

Mindless fun! Ahhh, comics.
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Yeah, I was about to ask that. Did someone undecapitate him?