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Naked Justice

So. Yes. Naked Justice. It's a super hero comic / gay porn. It is, well, interesting stuff. 5 pages out of 35 to stay legal. 

After getting powers from the ghost of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh King Cock-A-Tut (seriously) Felix Himmer (aka, Naked Justice) goes back to school where he discovers his powers during a bout of raunchy sex at the local university. Oh and it's 1958, because why not, right?

Then a Rogue-like moment of power discovery that is accompanied by one of the creepiest O-faces I have ever seen.

Suddenly he comes across this world's version of the Avengers fighting a bunch of aliens. They are all naked and have gigantic schlogns because, you know, Justice is Naked. He realizes he must fight the aliens. He shoots lightning out his cock and nipples, and I admit that both unnerves and intrigues me.

Notice if you can that the aliens have two penises. This is because they are aliens and desire to rape our menfolk doubly. Felix does a nice job beating the aliens single-cockedly and makes a video game pun even though Atari won't be in business for another 35 years. The team leader thanks NJ accordingly.

And there you have it. Naked Justice in a nutshell. The series is written by Patrick Fillion. His massive cocked people are always... interesting.
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Agreed. Of course I can see the appeal of a large penis, but when it looks big enough to kill you by ripping you apart from the inside it stops being sexy and starts being horrifying.
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Maybe people in that universe are more stretchy?
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Sadly, there are in fact people IRL who do take things *that* big up their butts during sex and end up with well...stretched out buttholes. :/

Nevertheless, I can't bothered to be shocked by it possibly due to my exposure to this. :/