Date: 2012-04-06 02:34 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] hw221
You have a valid point, in that the Midnighter we know wouldn't do this. Hell, Wildstorm!Midnighter refused to kill baby Hitler. He loves kids.
But this Midnighter doesn't have the same growth that Wildstorm!Midnighter had. I would bet that, at some point down the line, he's going to have a chance to do this again, maybe with this being a legitimate cause for concern beyond "maybe this will happen" . But he won't, that time, not so easily, because he'll have grown, and he'll have gained at least a little compassion, and he'll love Jenny then. It would hurt him if he had to do it, but he'd do it.
Someone above me compared him to Edward, and that is actually somewhat interesting to me in this case, because I am looking forward to (hopefully) seeing him grow as a character into being almost a real person.
Or it's just shitty writing and I'm being way, way too optimistic. Seriously, if someone did that on *my* team, I'd have his ass out the door in a second. Douchebag.
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