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So, first things first, Kevin Maguire's variant cover for WF #1:

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At least Peege looks recognisable as Peege here even in that rubbish thing they call a costume. Helena on the other hand looks very oddly drawn. I can't decide if it's her posturing, the fact that her arms and legs are disproportionately drawn, or a combination of the two things

From George Perez, WF #3:

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While I love the details of George Perez's art, I can't help but to think this is the second cover I've seen where Power Girl is shown being outpowered by something while Helena's just hanging about looking on.

Also is it just me or is Perez unable to keep Helena's costume design consistent? Sometimes she has the lines coming down from her costume's cross, other times not. Sometimes her boots and gloves are black, other times purple (or in this case they look blueish/grayish). Her boots seem to constantly shift between normal looking boots that you'd buy at a shopping mall (Perez), other times they look like the kind of boots designed for crushing (Marcus To, Guillem March, Kevin Maguire), and her gloves seem to lack knuckles on Perez's art, whereas she has them when everyone else draws her. Her mask also lacks the ummm..."ear vents?" on Perez's art, whereas she usually has them. Of course, this could just be me being detail-oriented and a stickler for consistency.

I think by far, out of all the artists who have drawn Helena (and Kara for one page) the best in this reboot has been Marcus To. Somehow I think he could even make Power Girl's costume *work* even with that terrible disproportionate design she has. Sigh. *Wishes Marcus To was still the artist for this book.*

In other news, James Robinson had this to say about Earth-2 Batman's relationship with Helena:

IGN: Easy enough. [laughs] Much has been made about the series incorporating the death of Lois Lane as a focal point for Superman and that Wonder Woman is the last of the Amazons, but things are more ambiguous in terms of the details we know about Batman. Can you speak to what makes this version of the character different than the one we know?

Robinson: Again, I don’t want to say too much. I know I’ve been criticized for that, but I am resolute. I just don’t want too much to go out until the book comes out. But this is what I will say: Batman, on this world, is a father. He’s got a responsibility and love in his heart, which makes him a different kind of Batman. He’s just as driven, but part of what he’s trying to do is imbue his offspring with his abilities. He’s not just passing on his talents, he’s also passing on his love for his daughter.”

Ummm...I hope James is aware that the main DCU Batman is *also* a father who loves all of his kids equally as well, unless he's describing the difference in terms of E2 Bruce actually being a part of Helena's life and upbringing since Day 1 of her life, whereas Damian just showed up one day and suddenly main DCU Batman has a ten-year-old son. Also from all that I've heard so far, it sounds like E2 Bruce had intended to raise Helena to be the next Batman, whereas main DCU Bruce sees Damian as a kid he has to repair.

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Well actually Jason was adopted as well I believe but Dick wasn't until much later since I think Bruce figured it was obvious without adopting Dick that he was his new dad, sort of, and Jason needed the extra obvious confirmation from Bruce.


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