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I'm finding difficulties putting in to words how much I want Damian to die at the end of the Leviathan storyline, even though I pretty much know it won't happen.

I would say that the Court of the Owls being incorporated in to Nightwing is a big accomplishment in itself and it seems to becoming a really good storyline. I'm already interested in the Fall of the Waynes and what it will actually mean, hoping that it will be really good. I'm also really liking how the Waynes are not threatened here because of some dark secrets about them really being horrible people, but rather because they were just that awesome against the truly horrible people. And the reason this storyline will probably have a limited impact on the Batbooks is that it is still Morrison who gets to decide the next status quo for the Batbooks. I dislike it for several reasons, especially since before his storyline the Batbooks were always run as a team of writers working together, but it is what it is.

And finally Babs's new villain is named after the defining Bat-storyline of the 90's? It better be referenced there.

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