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Avengers Academy #28

With Marvel redeeming themselves on a lot of fronts last week, I don't know how this was missed.
The Runaways pay a visit to the Avenger's Academy in order to bring back Old Lace, who was last seen in another dimension/time, sent away to heal (see last issue).

I found it to be another pleasant surprise.

... understanding and tolerance.

The Academy teachers don't want to force the Runaways to do anything they don't want to, but there is the issue of the two pre-teens who are part of the group, who anyone in their right mind would know that they are too young for this kind of life.

So a fight breaks out in the prehistoric past, as to who should raise Molly and Klara of the Runaways.

Needless to say, the youth ally with each other against the Pym and Tigra, and they decide to talk about their differences rather than beat each other's brains in.

And since talking isn't getting the job done, we come to magic.

An understanding/"walk in our shoes"/shared experiences spell gives everyone access to their different experiences and perspectives. The Academy teachers grant the girls permission to stay with the Runaways, with a few caveats (concerning the girls education and what not).

So the teams part ways, and we see love blossom for two members of the teams.

Awwwww.... feel the love.

Chase is just asking for trouble, isn't he?
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This is epic and amazing. RUNAWAYSSSS.
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I will so buy this! (and too bad Nico's spells are one-use only. Every team of super-heroes need this spell!)
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Pym losses some major points for not having her wait until he could call over the main Avengers and X-Men before they start their little tiff over in AvX.
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all she has to do is change the wording and she kind do sorta similar spells!

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Lovely stuff. I particularly like the panels of Hank and Molly.

Chase is just asking for trouble, isn't he?
In all likelihood, yes.

If the Runaways are (still?) friendly with the Young Avengers, I'd say he should go talk to them to get more of an understanding about how time machines can turn out to be an *extremely* bad idea.
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yeah, Chase should talk to Ironlad.

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Is the Understand spell SUPPOSED to just be a lazy deus ex machina? Because that's what it seems like from the page.

Also, I am so happy Carolina and Julie are dating. I've always liked them since the second volume of Runaways ("You have really pretty hair"...SQUEE)
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Nope, I think it's just a nicer way of saying "Nico just brainwashed the shit out of a bunch of people."

'cause, honestly, I kinda assumed that's what she did there.

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You want a quick way of understanding the admittedly difficult history of the Runaways - including running away from Iron Man and throwing Wolverine around like a juggling ball - you use a cheap spell rather than waste a page. Plus, it's Nico. Deus ex machina spells are pretty much her thing.

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I still wish the colorist had any idea how Karolina's powers are supposed to look. :(
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Yea, that did kinda bug me.

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i want to see a picture of your icon only bigger! :D

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Too bad that's a one-shot spell :)
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That's what a thesaurus is for

Comprehend / Appreciate / Relate / Empathise / Share / Grasp / Sympathise

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Poor Xavin, still not back yet :(

Still, do kinda like Lightspeed and Karolina dating.
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i know! i am torn i loved Xavin, b ut they are so CUTE together :D "Oh wow, you know my career!"

they were both totally SQUEEing at eachother
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I loved the last exchange between Giant-Man and Victor.
"And you don't have to call me 'Dr. Pym'."
"Dr. Pym is fine."
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Take Two...

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Re: Take Two...

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I've never been big on rebellion for rebellions sake and as a teenager I felt extremely vulnerable so the Runaways case doesn't really appeal to me. And when they rejected a teaching robot, because it could spy on them? So what. It means they'd have backup if they did something stupid.
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The Runaway's case has always been sketchy at best.

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That date better be on panel in a near future issue.
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Goddamnit Marvel, bring Gert back already, okay! This is fine, but it would be better with Gert. Chase totally agrees.

The Julie/Karolina is super adorable, though. And I like the Greer moments. I wish they would have an Avengers Academy issue featuring her.

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Chase + Time Machine idea is kind of off since Chase actually gave up the chance to use Gert's parents time machine to undo her death back in Joss Whedon's run on the comic.

And trying to change the past via Time Travel in the Marvel verse is iffy at best. Some people can make it work for them like Kang the Conquerer, others can't like oddly enough, Kang again (teenage Kang).
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Guess he's bolstered by the fact he saved Old Lace here with time travel.

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Wait, they had a SPELL that allows other people experience other people's lives!?!? Like that machine in Megaman Battle Network 5?!?! And instead of using it on; oh, I don't know... THE WORLD, to help put an end to disputes let alone the mutant hate, they just did it for a room full of people... and keep in mind, in the same universe: Strange, Reed, and Stark manage to help Spidey by making EVERYONE in the world except for him and MJ to forget he is Spider-Man!
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Well, one could argue that spell has some kind of limit IE Nico might only be able to focus it on people she can see or think about, trying to do something concerning the world might be hard if not impossible. Otherwise she could probably cast a spell to make the world forget the Runaways.

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Klara and Tigra bonding was cute. I loved everyone's "partner" for the mind look.
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what's the caveat? are they Part timers?

[personal profile] long_silence 2012-04-11 04:51 am (UTC)(link)
They have to visit the Academy once a month so that Pym knows that they're doing okay.

Doesn't he have enough kids to watch over? There's only like 2 other full time teachers at the school. Seriously, five minutes ago Hybrid nearly killed half the school because Pym and his staff weren't paying enough attention to notice that he was eating the student body.

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I just like Moon Boy and devil Dino watching all this and being like "WTF?"
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And considering they worked with the Fallen Angels, the "original" runaway-team which included, amongst others, Gomi (a reluctant cyborg telekinetic (as in, his cousins implanted a TK mimicking chip in his brain without permission) and his cybernetic lobsters Don and Bill, that's REALLY saying something.

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I guess I'm in the minority of kinda hating Julie/Karolina. Potentially it could be cool, but, it just seems like Xavin's been thrown under the bus again, for what? A brief guest slot by the Runaways. I'd be more for it, maybe, if I thought anything would come of it, but... As it is, Xavin was shipped off planet, but it always seemed like zie intended to escape and return to Karolina. So Karolina deciding to move on and start dating and abandoning her relationship with Xavin because of zir absence seems... jarring, to say the least.
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Actually, Julie/Karolina has been referenced again in a recent issue and she mentions they are dating now.

Besides, they are just picking up on Julie and Karolina's flirting from back in the original Runaway book.

Besides, it's been years since Xavin went to space and Xavin is probably dead for all Karolina knows. It's natural for Karolina to want to move on and get back on the horse.