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Avengers Academy #28

With Marvel redeeming themselves on a lot of fronts last week, I don't know how this was missed.
The Runaways pay a visit to the Avenger's Academy in order to bring back Old Lace, who was last seen in another dimension/time, sent away to heal (see last issue).

I found it to be another pleasant surprise.

... understanding and tolerance.

The Academy teachers don't want to force the Runaways to do anything they don't want to, but there is the issue of the two pre-teens who are part of the group, who anyone in their right mind would know that they are too young for this kind of life.

So a fight breaks out in the prehistoric past, as to who should raise Molly and Klara of the Runaways.

Needless to say, the youth ally with each other against the Pym and Tigra, and they decide to talk about their differences rather than beat each other's brains in.

And since talking isn't getting the job done, we come to magic.

An understanding/"walk in our shoes"/shared experiences spell gives everyone access to their different experiences and perspectives. The Academy teachers grant the girls permission to stay with the Runaways, with a few caveats (concerning the girls education and what not).

So the teams part ways, and we see love blossom for two members of the teams.

Awwwww.... feel the love.

Chase is just asking for trouble, isn't he?
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I will so buy this! (and too bad Nico's spells are one-use only. Every team of super-heroes need this spell!)
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Pym losses some major points for not having her wait until he could call over the main Avengers and X-Men before they start their little tiff over in AvX.
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all she has to do is change the wording and she kind do sorta similar spells!

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Doesn't that generally work out poorly when she tries it?
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i don't know... i think once she got the hang of it (during the Young Avengers/Runaways ... civil war... Fear itself?) she used Vision as a thesarus :D