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Two panels from A VS. X #1 and some rambling.

Two panels from AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1. And some rambling afterwards.

Where do I begin?

Cyclops is looking through rose-colored glasses (zing!) to think the Phoenix Force coming to Earth might be a good thing. Phoenix will fix things for mutants exactly how? There will be mutant births? And (as I've said before) those mutants won't get their powers until they are teenagers (minus any time travel tomfoolery). Unless they just "activate" like the Five Lights, which STILL doesn't make sense, even by X-Men standards.

It would be nice if Cyclops said "It has to be Hope's decision." Except Cyclops doesn't want it to be Hope's decision.

Captain America can't be wrong. That was the point behind Civil War. And why things fell apart during Secret Invasion, which led to Dark Reign. Yes, it can be annoying, and is why Iron Man was turned into a fascist. But that's how it is. Captain America can't be wrong.

One point that Cyclops *might* have is Cap being too far away from everything. Grant Morrison's reveal that Project: Rebirth and the Super Soldier Serum was originally supposed to kill mutants, not Nazis, may be a factor. (Thanks, Grant! I say sarcastically.)

So, basically, Captain America can't be wrong and Cyclops is an idiot with some minor points. Well, that resolves A VS. X for me!
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My thinking: Hope has/is a fragment of the Phoenix, which gives her the ability to activate new mutant "Lights." If given access to the full PF, this would be amplified to levels that could restore the mutants. Or, she could just use the reality warping aspect of the PF to give mutants their powers back.

While they don't show it here, Hope has repeatedly said that this is what she wants. She said so in AvX #0. And Cap doesn't care about what she wants, either. He flat out said he wasn't asking when he came for Hope.

Also, hadn't someone posted some of AvX #1? Did it get deleted?
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yus, i think the op deleted the post because he was going over the number of pages permitted by the rules.
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... which the op didn't need to do. They could have edited one page out.
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Oh, so that's where it went! I thought I'd hallucinated it or something. *g*