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America's Got Power #1

Seventeen years ago, a crystal magically appeared in San Francisco and every pregnant woman within a five mile radius immediately gave birth to a super powered baby, regardless of the period of her pregnancy.

Reality television has been cranked up to an extreme level, as super powered teenagers participate in a televised battle, which may or may not result in death, to win a coveted membership spot on the only government super team in the world, The Power Generation.

Last year’s season finale resulted in both the final two competitors dying… and a spike in the ratings. Thus, this year, the producers of the show have lifted certain restraints, allowing the young heroes to go all out in combat and they have allowed the robotic enforcers in the ring, Paladins, to also use maximum force against the kids.

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Is it just me or does Hitch's art just not have that "wow" factor? I mean compared to his other wowing work like Authority, JLA, and Ultimates.

I can't put my finger on what it is exactly, but at least going by these scans, there's just not that same amazement I get from his work.

Also, is the series really called "America Got Power"? Because from a grammar standpoint, that's terrible. It should be "America's Got Power" or something.
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It's "America's Got Power" No worries there.

I'm not sure, but it may be due to the colorist being different (if it is a different colorist of if Hitch does his own color work). The art is there, but the color seems to be what's off primarily.

That's what I see, at any rate.
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Ah, thank you.

And yeah, that may be it. Or it could be the inker, as well, who knows? There's definitely something "off," that's for sure.

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I don't think he's lost anything, rather he started a style--widescreen, cinematic, over-the-top action that's been emulated by everyone else for over a decade since he became popular. So now he's not really innovating the craft like was before, he's just a solid, dynamic action artist.