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Uncanny X-Force #24 preview continues to deliver the previews, as the hunt for a certain Age of Apocalypse escapee begins.

Well, there goes my erection for the rest of the year. Dis-TUR-bing!
Thanks Wade!
What really seals the deal is the look of lust in his eyes and that hungry tongue....

so wrong what it makes me wanna do....

curse you Phil Noto and your great artwork!!!
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I am honestly afraid to ask what the context is here. Mostly because anything I'm told won't be nearly enough.
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Thank god. The art is actually good again. The last arc hurt my head so much that I felt my IQ dropping with each panel.
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That is the last image my nightmare-filled head will produce before I go spiraling into the infinite void of insanity. I guess what I'm trying to say here is: MY HEAD IS FILLED WITH RUTABAGAS! MILLENNIUM HAND AND SHRIMP!
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I am disturbed. Not sure what I'm supposed to feel here.

Out of topic: I love your avatar, sherkahn. *Fan of Majora's Mask*
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I feel included! <3
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*whimper* I.... I... *whimper....*
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I'm for the love for a very long time. WHAT?!
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Meh, it's not even one of the top ten most disturbing things Deadpool has ever done.

The scene where he fed Warren pieces of his own arm -- his own CANCEROUS arm -- was way creepier.

My only issue with this is that he's wearing a red wig. If he was trying to fit in among the other women, why not a black wig?
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The john asked for a red head and well... Wade kinda has a thing for them.
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You have a point. His "Marvel Girl" costume was much worse.
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And he was going to wear it for a fight with Cable. Well, until his attention span deficiency got the better of him.

Can you imagine the amount of couple's counseling Nathan and Wade would have had to go through?
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He had that one left from when he was cosplaying Jean Grey. Didn't have time to dye it.
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Haven't seen that. Yet. I like to start slowly with the creepiness.