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So Legion Lost #8 came out this week, and it's all about sucking the Losties into this big The Culling crossover plot with Teen Titans and Superboy. To that end, Rose Wilson & the Ravagers ambush the Losties at the behest of somebody named Harvest, who, according to telepathic Tellus, scares them.

But that's not what we're going to be discussing in the 2 and a half pages I'm posting here. No, that's Chameleon Girl, how the Ravagers get the drop on her, and what we learn from her musings.

So there's a larger agenda at work here than the hypertaxis virus? That's good, because they blew that one big time. There's a reason the Durlans are big with the Legion Espionage Squad, and it's not all about the shape-changing. They seem to have a natural bent toward the cloak and dagger stuff, the few that leave Durla for the wider 'verse anyways.

Now that is some news to me. When last we saw Colossal Boy in the Legion title, he was working with the Science Police, spending time with his parents, and actively mourning Yera.

The question here is, whose orders? The Legion's leadership was in a bit of a state of flux when the team was sent on the time-travel mission, and the organization somewhat in disarray thanks to the one-two punch of the Justice League of Earth's gestapo imprisonment and pursuit of the team followed up with the Legion of 3 Worlds epic battle.

Incidentally, Rose herself goes up against Timber Wolf, and it's an interesting matchup.

If there's interest in it, I'm thinking of doing a History of Chameleon Girl post in a couple days. It's beginning to look like Yera is going to get a spotlight in this series, so it might not be a bad idea to do a primer.


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