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Well, in Empire, Yoda does the whole 'no, there is another' thing in response to Ben's 'that boy was our only hope' line, which basically hinted at another Jedi or potential Jedi, and given the setup Lucas forced on himself - that the Jedi have basically been exterminated save for Kenobi, Yoda, and Luke - another Skywalker sibling was the logical choice, and it was in the gameplan for Lucas' larger saga, until he cut it down to existing size.

I'm not saying, by any stretch, Leia was always meant to be said sister. She got lumped into that role because Lucas condensed the story down. Which, you know, makes ZERO sense in the light of Episode III, because Bail Organa, prominent Republic senator, gets a kid out of nowhere (Maybe Alderaanians(?) just pop their kids out immediately, no long, obvious pregnancy?), and neither the Emperor or Vader would maybe have an inkling that prominent young Princess Leia is NOT Organa's actual daughter? In the twenty years or so (it seems) that it actually takes the Emperor to properly dismantle the Republic, judging from dialogue in Hope?

I mean, I love Jedi more than Hope to a certain degree, but people accuse Lucas of screwing up the saga with the prequels, and yet the plotholes were descending even back then.
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