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Frank Castle hooking up with the lady friend :p

Since people were asking about it (and I did mean to post when I read it and then forgot about):

And that was that!
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I like her competence!

(But you might want to change the title from "hooked with" to "hooked up with" - I boggled at the original!)
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English. We never keep it simple. :P
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Haha, in all fairness though, English spelling is a whole entity of its own in terms of how often it changed in the UK alone, and this was way before post-Revolutionary War Americans decided they wanted an "English spelling" of their own by taking out a few extra vowels and consonants, among other things. Now French on the other hand...that's definitely one language where I struggle tremendously to pronounce, even when I try reading it. @_@
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As a French teacher, I have to say... the pronunciation and spelling are a little more consistent than they are in English. English is just freaking ridiculous - laughter vs slaughter, for example. That said, French is still pretty high up there on the "how the hell do I spell/pronounce that?" scale.

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The thing about English spelling is that it literally borrows elements from various languages including Germanic and Romance languages (a testament to the various countries that invaded Britain back in the day). French spelling in relation to pronunciation isn't too's actually pretty straight forward once you learn the rules. In my case, pronunciation isn't too complacated, but I always trump it on the French 'r'; the more r's there are in a word, the harder it is for me to pronounce. The French word for laugh (rire) particularly comes to mind. :<

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Frank Castle going hooking with a lady friend would be an interesting (and startlingly original) plot point tho.
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Frank: Are you sure i have to wear these pants? they are REALLY tight, I can barely breath.... are the nipple clamps necessary? also, all these holes... i feel kinda exposed....

Hooker Friend: Trust me on this.
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If nothing else, it'd be a great way to start another Punisher vs Wolverine.
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Well, this is Rucka, so awesome, competent women are like, the norm, but that doesn't make this any less great. So glad I've just put the first volume of this on order.
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Did Frank lose an eye? And gain a beard?
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And gain a beard?

Must... resist... obvious context joke...
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Man, I wish I could say that that was intentional.
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But it's so much better when it's NOT! :)
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Haha, this is true.
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I love you.
Just so you know.
My mom was worried about my breathing when I laughed at this quietly.

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is that 616 O'brien?
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[personal profile] mola_ram 2012-04-15 12:03 am (UTC)(link)
doubtful. This one is a marine, but she seems heavily inspired by her.
At least it's a far better fit than the 616 Barracuda *shudder*

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She's basically a female version of him. Lost her entire family in a matter of seconds thanks to a bunch of lowlife scum. Frank's backstory is arguably worse, since his family's death was even more senseless: they were just part of the CROSSFIRE between a bunch of gangsters.

The idealist in me hopes that they can help each other move past revenge and avoid the whole "he who fights monsters" thing. OTOH, Frank wouldn't really be the Punisher anymore if that happened.
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And because of that last point, I put the over/under for her editorially mandated fridging at 12 months...
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nope he would not. i stake my collection on it...
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Won't be a fridge but she will die... or maybe move past the hate. By 2015 Frank will be alone again.
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Well he won't be writing the book forever.

I don't know what color lantern would be anti-hope but I think I just joined them.
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Rucka's Strong Women Characters at Marvel don't tend to get fridged. Cassie Linthrop from his Wolverine run just turned up in Jason Aaron's run as a member of a mercenary company working for Seraph.
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How about The Native?
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I'd forgotten about her completely. Wasn't a big fan of that arc, now that you mention it.
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The part of Frank Castle will now be played by Solid Snake.

Frank? Frank, answer me. Frank? Frank! FRAAAAAANK!

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Come to think of it, his new ally does look a little bit like Meryl.

[personal profile] whitesycamore 2012-04-14 04:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Press circle to avert fridging.

[personal profile] whitesycamore 2012-04-14 04:32 pm (UTC)(link)
No wonder she always died on my play through.
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To clarify: Frank's just been jumped by a hit squad after one of the syndicate agents has deployed an old SHIELD gadget that inhibits combustion within the area. The powder inside bullets can't ignite, so guns just misfire. Cole isn't affected by it because she's across the street in a different building.
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And she's a redhead. :)
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Rucka's run has been awesome. The fight with NuVulture was pretty great too.

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Aw, that's so romantic! :0

So, Punisher by Rucka? I'm interested.
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Damn it! Guess this means I have to start picking up the Punisher again.
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I have to admit, I like this... I like this a lot.

So I wonder how long before Marvel decides to ditch it in favor of the status quo...
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Love it! Competent, good-humored, but very well-disciplined. A good, great marine.