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X-Photos, Epsilon Radiation, bowties, what?! 8.5 out of 25 pages from Batman #173.

After lurking for almost one and a half years, I've finally decided to crawl out of the shadows and post something. I hope I did it correctly, if not, could someone tell me so I can fix it? Thanks!

The issue is split into two stories, so I've included some scans of both, starting with the one on the cover: Secret Identities for Sale!

The story opens with Batman and Robin working with the Gotham City Police Department on a raid to catch Mr. Incognito, the "Masked Mysterious Mastermind of Crime in Gotham City". Batman breaks down the door to the building, where he finds Mr. Incognito...sitting in a chair on a raised platform. They proceed to take down Incognito's thugs, while Incognito remains motionless on his chair. Robin performs his signature headbutt. 

The sneaky photographer (bottommost right panel) is thrown from the building, but not before he snaps a few photos. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin attempt to engage Mr. Incognito (who is still sitting in his chair), when suddenly a large metal wall descends from the ceiling, cutting them off, and allowing Incognito to escape. 

Later, the sneaky photographer, who we learn is named Elwood Pearson, offers the Mayor a photo he took which reveals Mr. Incognito's identity - for one million dollars. Pearson explains that he created a long range X-ray camera which is what allowed him to find out Mr. Incognito's identity. (I don't think that X-rays work like that...) He gives the mayor 24 hours to decide. The mayor then calls Batman and Robin to find out what they can about Pearson, while Pearson arranges a meeting with Mr. Incognito. Batman and Robin then use their detective skills (i.e. a phonebook) to find the address of Pearon's photo shop. 

It's great how the mayor can just call them. On the telephone. Using a hot-line. 

So Batman and Robin arrive at the photo shop just in time for Pearson's meeting with Mr. Incognito, the latter of whom busts open a very obvious "secret" doorway and (for no apparent reason) announces that he knows all the secret passageways in Gotham. I'm not sure either. 


So presumably, amid all the fighting and regardless of the large crowd, Pearson was able to snap a portrait photograph of Batman and Robin smiling. Huh.

Anyway, Pearson starts explaining his extra super special X-photos which take a surface picture and an interior picture, the latter of which can only be revealed using his extra super special mirror. Mr. Incognito doesn't want to listen to any of this hocus pocus. 

So the interior picture reveals Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson wearing suits and jumpers. Alrighty then.

A fight ensues, and they subdue both Pearson and Mr. Incognito relatively easily. 

Batman pretty much does nothing about the fact that Pearson knows his and Robin's identities. And he doesn't seem to really care, either.

But Bruce, you're the richest person in Gotham, how could Pearson not recognize you? Also, Dick, your face!

And on to the second story: Walk, Batman, to Your Doom!

It starts off with the criminal Bunky Galliver's trial.

They discover that a strange man has been present at several trials around the country. At all of these trials, the jury returned unexpected verdicts. This mysterious man, Franklin Knott, is running for Governor of Gotham State. The Dynamic Duo then go undercover to investigate, with Dick scouring the streets and Bruce attending one of Knott's speeches. There's not much to say about this part, aside from a rather odd image of Dick:

Bruce finds himself wanting to vote for Knott, despite not liking him as a candidate. Dick discovers that a mansion is going to be robbed, which the duo prevent. It's not really relevant to the story. Batman and Robin return to the Batcave, but are unable to find any incriminating information on Knot. They go to speak with one of Knott's former employers, a scientist called John Grover, who reveals the project he had been working on with Knott: Epsilon Radiation!

The trio march through the water, unable to help themselves. Just as Robin (the shortest of the three) is about to be submerged and drown, Batman realizes that Knott gave two contradictory commands. Knott earlier ordered Bruce Wayne to vote for him, which means Batman can't drown. Batman focuses on voting for Knott, resulting in this:

Batman locks the flailing Robin and Grover in a room, then assaults Knott and presents him to the District Attorney. Batman explains the E-ray brainwashing, which the D.A. believes 100%. 

And that's it!

I'd just like to add a thank you to the scans daily community, without which I would not gotten interested in comic books. So thank you!

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Ah madness, they name is the Silver Age!

Welcome to the wonderful world of posting, you picked some classic crack for your debut! :)


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