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AVENGERS (vol 3) #12: Vision and Wanda

AVENGERS (vol 3) #12: Vision and Wanda talk some things over before and after the big Thunderbolts team up against a giant alien robot (called Dominex.) Note the pretty Perez artwork.

Vision mentions where he and Wanda went on their honeymoon. And it isn't what the Vision is saying, but how he is saying it.

Yes, the Vision just got his memories back *and* the emotional connection to them.
How? Comics!

Vision doesn't want Wanda to feel guilty and doesn't want to feel guilty himself. He just doesn't want to intrude... or something. The big fight against Dominex interrupts matters.

Kurt Busiek wanted to mix Silver Age idealism with 1990s complexity. I think he succeeded for the most part.

I could gripe about Bendis for entire pages, but it is like he only read John Byrne's WEST COAST AVENGERS run and just went with that. It really bugs me sometimes, and I'm not as big a continuity geek as many others. (And I'm a BIG continuity geek.)
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He isn't crying in the last panel? NOT THE VISION. THE VISION IS ALWAYS CRYING. This must be some other robot.
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No,'re thinking of Red Tornado.