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Avengers vs X-Men #2

Best scene of the issue; hope this means they'll be getting a divorce.

Wolverine and  Spider-Man break in to find Hope.

That's always your solution, isn't it Wolverine?

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Oh, I knew Cap.didn't want to kill her. But he knows wolverine. and I'm sorry. Captain America is human, which means he is fallible. No one is "never wrong". Cyclops might be more wrong, but that does not make Cap right. This story, with so much potential, at this point, is INANE
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Captain America is certainly fallible. But if you have various opinions on how to handle a situation, Captain America's opinion will be the right one. Otherwise, the Skrulls invade and Norman Osborn gets the keys to the kingdom.

Okay, I'm (somewhat) kidding. In CIVIL WAR Cap never seemed to offer any alternatives to Iron Man's fascism other than "Hit them hard and fast, Avengers!" And here, Captain America didn't seem to have any backup plans to "What if Cyclops doesn't listen to reason" other than "Hit them hard and fast, Avengers!"