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I love this SO MUCH.

And I don't think it's OOC either. I mean, this is superhero comics we are talking about. Superheroes forgive terrible shit all the time, it's a classical trait of the genre. Whenever a villain even so much as hints at wanting to pull a Heel Face Turn, the hero will almost invariably give them a chance, no matter how many times the villain has tried to murder the hero and the hero's loved ones. Hell, no matter if the villain has tried to destroy the Universe!

And in this case in particular, the villain is the hero's brother to boot (plus, Alfred probably encouraged Tim to try and get the black sheep back). Why is it so hard to believe that, when Jason showed signs of regret for his past actions and a desire to be better, Tim decided to forgive him and be nice to him?

Thank you for posting this scene, [personal profile] aubreys_master. I was having a rough day and this heartwarming reconciliation really cheered me up :)

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