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Red Hood and the Outlaws #8

I post here...never. I don't think I've posted anything since I joined ages ago. I'm such a lurker. But I didn't see this scene posted yet, so I thought I'd do the honors. If I messed it up somehow, broke any rules, or missed these pages being posted somehow, please feel free to tell me and I'll do what I can to fix it. :)

Jason and co are in Gotham saving some kids at a hospital when Alfred sends out his distress signal, concerning the Night of the Owls stuff. Jason is about to leave when Roy points out that a lot of people are on the job already, but Tim picks up that Jason has intercepted their call. He asks Jason to stick around and help, and Kory -- Kori, whatever -- asks Jason if he knows Tim.

This lovely little flashback occurs.

I've wanted some nice brotherly love from Tim and Jason since he came back to life in 2005. I know a lot of people are put off by the reboot, but I think this made it worthwhile for me. (Although the idea of Alfred's cooking being anything but perfect is clearly absurd. :P And I don't like how Tim's being portrayed in Teen Titans... But that's a story for another day.)

Did anyone else love the idea of Tim and Jason being buds as much as I do?

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it has to be. Batman Incorporated is still around and it's used her skills as Oracle.
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Morrison's already stated that some bits of Batman Inc will be invalidated in the light of the relaunch, but they are going to be ignored and just not mentioned since the tone of this second series will be different. That's why Snyder himself said there's no plans for Cass and Steph, even though they featured in the first half and logically should feature in the second. So.. No Oracle either, from the look of things.