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New Mutants #41

After the team almost all got killed horribly in the last arc, New Mutants #41 is a downtime issue. Blink shows up, sees everyone's acting glum, and teleports everyone to Madripoor to party down at their local, somewhat-later-than-everyone-else celebration of the Chinese New Year.

This, for some reason, involves David Lopez deciding to go a little exaggerated and cartoony from time to time. I will warn you now that Roberto has gone out for the evening and decided, "You know what? I'm going to do my best Donkey Kong impression. Ladies love that!"

Then Doug facepalms. It's great.




(I'm sure I'm supposed to know who that girl with Warlock is. She says her name is Trois and she's from High Town. Then again, maybe she's new.)
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Before you get TOO dismissive Roberto, consider your relative history with the ladies;

Berto - Juliana (dead in the New Mutants Graphic novel) and.... basically the butt monkey of every girl he made a pass at thereafter, who found him annoyingly immature (at best)

Cypher - Friends (or more) with Kitty Pryde, Betsy Braddock, Rahne Sinclair. With possible sidebars concerning Cyndi (one of Legion's personalities who thought he was very cute), Roulette of the Hellions (Who thought he was cute too) and Tarot of the Hellions (Which went very badly as she tried to be nice to him as he was in mid doldrums due to Warlock being shanghied for the Fallen Angels mini)

Listen to the cute (When not drawn like this) blond linguist....