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New Mutants #41

After the team almost all got killed horribly in the last arc, New Mutants #41 is a downtime issue. Blink shows up, sees everyone's acting glum, and teleports everyone to Madripoor to party down at their local, somewhat-later-than-everyone-else celebration of the Chinese New Year.

This, for some reason, involves David Lopez deciding to go a little exaggerated and cartoony from time to time. I will warn you now that Roberto has gone out for the evening and decided, "You know what? I'm going to do my best Donkey Kong impression. Ladies love that!"

Then Doug facepalms. It's great.




(I'm sure I'm supposed to know who that girl with Warlock is. She says her name is Trois and she's from High Town. Then again, maybe she's new.)
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Yeah, though as Julianna died before he even joined the team, I wasn't really counting her.

Fallen Angels true enough, though again that was, at the time, "his team", and he didn't seem to stay in touch after the mini ended. They weren't so much friends as "people he'd met" (To borrow a phrase from Red Dwarf)

Ah, the post issue 6- Cypherlessness led me to drop the title (regularly at any rate) so the second trip to Asgard is an unknown value.
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What second trip to Asgard? I probably haven't read this far either, was talking about the first one.
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During the first trip, I doubt there was much sex for Berto as though he tried to act older, he was only 14, maybe verging on 15 (Only Rahne was younger than he was on the team), and as noted, most comments about Berto were "Cute, but he really IS a child", so I can't see him having that much appeal to immortal partners on Asgard (even if a Midgard lad could survive the experience when the average Asgardian measures their strength level in tons!)

As for the second trip, sometime in the interim between Doug's death and Cable coming on board, the team spent several issues in Asgard, which ended with Dani staying behind in Asgard as a Valkyrie rather than returning to Earth (Which is why she never worked with Cable on the NM team)
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I know how old Berto was, and yeah, that was very young, but since his introduction I always thought it seemed implied he wasn't a virgin.

Well, I'll hunt down scans of the fangirls if you insist :p
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HE always implied he was experienced with the ladies, but I doubt he and Juliana ever got that far and he had no named partner after that until... I really don't know, but we're talking decades here.

I have no doubt he had squeeing fangirls, he was a very pretty boy, but that was all he ever seemed to be, a pretty BOY, with no one he was interested in actually interested in to that extent, and him being less interested in girls and always focussing on WOMEN who were out of his league, who usually smiled indulgently at best. And based on how often that happened, and the complete lack of any mention of an actual partner, I think he remained a virgin for a heck of a long time.
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HE always implied he was experienced with the ladies, but I doubt he and Juliana ever got that far
why, because 14 year old kids never have sex?
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Of course not, but I'm not going to assume they did, and there was never one hint, suggestion or implication that THOSE two 14 years old had had sex. Berto's thoughts about her were always those of idealised "first love".

Berto's entire personality was built around the fact that he was a "golden boy" suddenly out of his depth. He was the only child, good looking, good at sports and from a family whose fortune was on a par with Richie Rich and Scrooge McDuck. He was rather spoiled and was used to succeeding at everything he turned his hand to, and assumed that women would be the same. Of course the running gag of his character was that the only people he impressed were people he wasn't interested in, and those he wanted to impress thought he was just a kid trying too hard.