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After an exhaustingly long day (for me that is), I now bring you the introduction of Kara's new gal pal and roommate in the form of....

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Then, later at Siobhan's performance, this happens:

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Overall I enjoyed this issue and can't wait to see more of Silver Banshee!

On an unrelated note, is it me or is George Perez's art becoming increasingly bizarre each time? The way he's drawing eyes lately is looking freakishly creepy. :o

On another unrelated note...if Power Girl and Supergirl are supposed to be doppelgängers of each other shouldn't they know...alike? I get that Supergirl is supposed to be a teenager and Peege is supposed to be adult version of the character, but if Kara-L is supposed to be 22-23 in this new DCU and Kara-El around 17-18, then they shouldn't look too far apart in age? Kara-El looked 12 for most of this issue. :/


Date: 2012-04-19 06:45 am (UTC)
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So is Silver Banshee a face in this new 52?


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