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[personal profile] coldfiredragon 2012-04-19 01:07 am (UTC)(link)
This was such a fantastic issue! I'm really psyched to see the rest of it play out. I also love that it played directly into Nightwing and figured into the ending of Red Hood. I think DC's finally done a crossover right for a change!
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I am amazed you skipped all the basassness. These are the tamest 3 pages. It was that awesome.

I wish I had a working scanner.

[personal profile] darkknightjrk 2012-04-19 01:31 am (UTC)(link)
The way that Albuquerque drew Red Hood's mask with the lips is kinda freaking me out.

Outside of that, fantastic issue. :D
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I loved this issue. And all the blues and teal for the coloring.
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I really loved this. I really felt a sense of "shit's about to get real" by the end (not that it wasn't already).
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Batwoman gets the shaft again. Poor ignored batwoman.
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Aha, they specifically mentioned only the allies in Gotham, that could answer any queries as to where certain people are instory. For example, Batwoman could be in a different part of the country as part of her government job, Helena was in Italy, Cass in Hong Kong... and Steph in Hong Kong too, I guess. Or she's still in the UK hanging out with Beryll or something.
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I wish you posted the page where he said "Get the hell out of my house!!" Seriously, that was awesome. If Batman says get the hell out of his house, you get the fuck out.
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So just curious, did anyone else squee when Bruce said "Call the family!"

I just love little touches like that.
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The first time I actually liked this new Red Robin look!

*still misses Steph and Cass more than some dead relatives of mine*
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The backup got me so pumped I'm actually considering buying all the tie-in books. I usually refuse to do that.
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no... NONONONONONO... tell me those shots don't mean they got Alfred....

(glad it is "night" which means if they did get him they have time to take him to get help)
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Sooooooo in the New 52 Batman (the most prepared guy ever) has no perimeter alarms or defenses and the Court of Owls can just break into both the Mansion *and* the Batcave???

I know I am in the minority here but to me the Court of Owls are the Mary Sue of Villains. They're everywhere! They know everything! They (almost) broke Batman! They were responsible for the death of the Flying Graysons!

They want to introduce new villains? Fine, I can only read so many Two face stories. They want to make them formidable? Great, but does everyone have to be the ultimate threat EVER and/or retconned into being part of a heroes origin?