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Cyclops is a jerk.

A VS. X makes it clear Cyclops is acting like a total jerk. And I wish it was Out Of Character for him, that some desperate hope Jean will come back is overriding his better judgement. Except it isn't. Cyclops being a jerk is standing operating procedure pretty much since DECIMATION started, if not before.

From the last issue of CHILDREN'S CRUSADE:

Good gravy, Scott.

Two pages from X-MEN: SCHISM #4:

Cyclops has two good points: Logan blows off every class he is assigned, and he was in a bar when the Hellfire Club attacked the Mutant History Museum (thus Idie killed the Club soldiers). Those are Scott's only points.

One panel from X-MEN: SCHISM #5:

Examples like when he ran out on Madelyn Pryor and his son also come to mind, but he realized at that very instant what an ass he was. He just didn't do anything to change it.
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True enough, but I'd think the same would apply only moreso to standing around and making big speeches about how he's shown up to bring Wanda to justice for crimes against a bunch of former mutants who never elected him to speak for them in the first place. This is someone who used to be his enemy, went through a psychotic break that she's only recently sort-of recovered from, and even without [insert external influence du jour here] amping her up is poweful enough to take down Ultron or blow the peak off Wundagore Mountain all by her lonesome.